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Ocaña, Ocaña & Cia, LLC.

In a world that has become more globalized, companies need to focus on abroad to develop their potential markets and diversify risks.
To assist our clients in optimizing current operations and seizing business opportunities, we provide services including accounting support and business advising in Dallas, international commerce, legal and fiscal advice, customer representation, brokerage, management consulting, auditing and other attestation services in Mexico with our head office in San Luis Potosi and other offices in Aguascalientes, Zacatecas and Michoacán.
Our offices in México and Dallas with the surname Ocaña have a cooperation of consultants and advisors with extensive experience in various branches of the company.


We provide our clients in U.S. with solid accounting services, including customizing and optimizing accounting system, and analyzing records and financial reports.

Business Advising

To assist clients going overseas, we offer solutions on business establishment based on accounting and tax system in U.S. and advices on international taxation between U.S. and México.


We provide auditing services oriented to validate financial information to be used by the Management, Boards of Directors, Investors, Lenders and others.

All auditing and attestation services are provided ONLY in México by Ocaña, Ocaña & Cia, S.C.

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